What are Stem Cell and Its Properties

Stem cells are one of the most fascinating fields in modern biology. They have important properties and serve as our body’s repair kits.

What are stem cells?
Renewal and repair are ongoing processes in the human body. Adult stem cells supply the necessary cells for this replacement. They have been identified in over 20 organs or tissues. Two key features set them apart from ordinary cells: They can differentiate into a diverse range of specialized cells of the same tissue and they have the remarkable ability to renew and regenerate themselves through cell division throughout a person’s life. This makes stem cells especially valuable and important in regenerative skin care research.

Stem Cell

Stem cells in the skin – epidermal stem cells
Adult stem cells are also present in the outer layer of human skin, the epidermis. These cells are called epidermal stem cells and are found in the innermost layer of the epidermis (basal layer). Every second to seventh cell in this layer is a stem cell. Although their appearance does not differ from that of the other cells in the basal layer, stem cells have a unique function: They constantly renew and rejuvenate the epidermis by forming new keratinocytes and regenerate damaged tissue as only these cells have the ability to divide indefinitely (see figure).

Epidermal Stem Cell

In young skin, the epidermis fully renews itself approximately every 4 weeks. This process continuously slows as we age. The number of skin stem cells decreases and their vitality diminishes. Excessive UV exposure of the skin and an unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, alcohol) aggravate these effects considerably, resulting in thinner, more deeply wrinkled skin. The hydrolipid film is reduced, which leaves the skin dryer and less well protected. As no new epidermal stem cells can develop during a person’s life, it is all the more important to maintain the vitality of these valuable cells and their ability to divide as long as possible.

Plant stem cells protect skin stem cells. How does this work?
Every stem cell contains specific epigenetic factors whose task is to preserve the stem cells’ multi-potency and its ability to self-renew. Mibelle Biochemistry researchers have discovered that plant stem cells contain epigenetic factors similar to those of adult human stem cells. Applied in the right way, they have a positive impact on the vitality of skin stem cells and their proper functioning.

How can the vitality of epidermal stem cells be measured?
Is it even possible to improve the vitality of stem cells, keeping the skin youthful longer? Proving this is particularly difficult since epidermal stem cells look exactly the same as the other cells in the basal layer. Only the development of a new test method, the so-called “progenitor cell targeting”, made it possible to isolate stem cells from the human epidermis for test purposes. These epidermal stem cells can be grown in Petri dishes using specific culture media. Using this cell culture test, one of the unique properties of stem cells, the colony-forming efficiency (CFE), can be assessed in the lab. First, very dilute dispersions of epidermal stem cells are plated on Petri dishes. Each vital, healthy stem cell divides , forming a colony of cells, which is visible to the naked eye and can then be counted. Stem cells that have aged and are weakened do not die, but they no longer form such colonies. Researchers were thus able to show that using plant stem cells (all PhytoCellTec™ products) is proven to increase the longevity and colony-forming efficiency – essentially, the vitality – of epidermal stem cells.

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Aqua Water Reservoir Hydration

Water is a potent source of skin food to nourish cells and hydrate skin for a smooth complexion. Our innovative Triple StemCell H2O Moisturizer increases your skin stem cell vitality and regeneration.

This moisturizing gel acts like a water network providing instant freshness while liberating its stem cell ingredients keeping your skin radiant and youthful.




Saponaria Pumila
Saponaria Pumila
Opuntia Ficus
Opuntia Ficus


High Level Moisturizer

Triple Stemcell H2O Moisturizer hydrates your skin releasing stem cells into your skin. It soothes, hydrates, restores and nourishes your skin cells so that it remains fresh and supple throughout the day.

Moisturizing your skin all day long!

Anti UV Protection

The sun’s radiation causes our skin to dry. Triple Stemcell H2O Moisturizer naturally protects your skin against UV radiation and works as a defense against dehydration. Protecting your skin against further damages while leaving your skin healthy.

Natural hydration shield!

Anti-free radical & Anti ageing

Free radicals damages your skin and causes ageing. Triple Stemcell H2O Moisturizer releases stem cells into the skin that promotes regeneration and repairs damaged skin. Bringing out your skin’s radiance after each use.

Youthfulness at your fingertips!

Your Ageless Beauty Secret

Exclusively formulated with award winning active ingredients, Triple StemCell Miracle Intense Essence helps maintain perfect cellular balance. Formulated with three stem cells and DermCom, it is the elixir of youth with highly effective anti-ageing properties. Leave your friends wondering the secret to your youth!

Miracle Ingredients

Solar vitis

Ageless Benefits

Reverse Ageing Process

Who says that you can’t look younger? Using a special ingredient DermCom based on a rare flower Crocus Chrystanthus, enables your cells to communicate repair and reverse the aging process. Due to its growth properties it is able to rejuvenate your skin after each use.

Leave people wondering the secret to your youth!

Triple StemCell is used outside the body.    Spray it into parts that want tighter / regenerated.
Sprayed before bed and / or when you wake up   Give distance from the face to spray   It is basically used two times a day – morning and evening, or with a shorter period for those who want a stronger effect.   Since it is a herbal product you can use more frequent to obtain a better result   Avoid contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water when exposed to the eyes.   If swallowed, immediately drink lots of water

             Features of Triple Stem Cell
Patented deep level dermal cells rejuvenation.Long-lasting makeup.

  • Balance skin tone.Protect skin from sunlight.
  • Block UV rays.Natural antioxidant and moisturizer.
  • Create 3D facial features.Reduce fine wrinkles and wrinkles.
  • Reduce and prevent formation of melanin and pigmentation.
  • Natural makeup.
  • Enhance skin elasticity.
  • Breathable protective film.
  • Mosturizing agent.
  • Waterproof and sweat-proof.Non-sticky and non-greasy.
  • Nil-silicon to prevent clogged pores.Zero Burden.

Phytoscience products are made from Stem Cells. Stem Cell is the new face of science and it’s the medicine for the future and the future starts now. So many health threatening diseases have been put under control by using this stem cell technology.

Before we talk about these amazing products, let us talk about what stem cells are in the human body.

Stem Cells are undifferentiated biological cells that can differentiate into specialized cells and can divide (through mitosis) to produce more stem cells.

Cells are the building blocks of life.

Cells are the basic structural and functional and biological unit of every living thing.

One of the main characteristics of stem cells is their ability to self-renew or multiply while maintaining the potential to develop into other types of cells…. Stem cells can become cells of the blood, heart, bones, skin, muscles, brain etc.

By increasing the number of your stem cells, you can nourish and rejuvenate your heart, blood vessels, arms, kidneys, joints, skin and internal organs.

Stem cells are special, very valuable cells that are present in small numbers in almost every tissue, including the skin. Only stem cells can divide over the course of a person’s life and create new skin cells, continuously renewing the epidermis. As we age, the vitality and number of skin stem cells decreases, the epidermis takes longer to renew itself and wrinkles form.


PhytoScience Double Stem Cell powder is a delicious proprietary blend made from two types of Plant Stem Cells:

PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica (Apple Stem Cells) & PhytoCellTec™ Solar Vitis (Grape Stem Cells), and enriched with phytonutrient-rich superstars – Euterpe Oleracea (Acai Berry) and Vaccinium Myrtilus (Blueberry) which is exclusively formulated by Mibelle BioChemistry lab in Switzerland.

This Swiss quality formulation efficacy is clinically proven and 100% natural.

Double Stem Cell fondly called “Life in an envelope” is an amazing product which has been widely said to help men and women from all ages and backgrounds to achieve maximum health and beauty in minimum time.

With so many success stories so far, the demands are unbelievable.

Double stem cell is a significant Stem cell treatment which is by far the biggest of the medical world and the most important discovery techniques by which to treat incurable diseases and organ. It has been widely accepted as a food supplement for health and beauty. It is the latest health and beauty product breakthrough,

DOUBLE STEM CELL has the ability to stimulate the human stem cell to regenerate itself and produce new cells. It can manage over 134 diseases. Including skin conditions,


  • Enhance physical stamina and energy level
  • Repair and regeneration of cells
  • Rejuvenates and activates body cells to raise energy and improve vitality
  • Regulate PH level in our body
  • Anti – Oxidant
  • Improve body immunity system
  • Refine skin texture and improve complexion
  • Delay aging process
  • No side effects – safe, natural and convenient product
Potential uses of Double SC:
  • Stroke
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Cancers
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic Disease
  • Spinal Cord injury
  • Baldness
  • Slow speech
  • Blindness
  • Wound healing
  • Learning defects

Patent Number: US2008/0299092 A1 EP 1985280 A2, NAFDAC NUMBER: D10804






 Double Stem Cells rejuvenates your fac

Protects Cellular Longevity

Who says you can’t remain youthful? Double Stem Cells rejuvenates your face, body and organs by protecting cellular longevity. The apple stem cell delays the ageing process naturally leaving your body feeling fresh and revitalized.

Shielding your youthfulness at the cellular level!

Superior UV Protection

UV Radiation is responsible for 80% of skin ageing. Solar Vitis stem cells contains polyphenols known for UV protection. It differs from sunblocks and filters as it protects your skin on the cellular level and restores the skin’s regenerative capacity.

Protecting you all day long!

UV radiation protetion


What is PhytoScience Double Stem Cell?
PHYTOCELL™ Double Stemcell contains different

types of plant cell combinations by Swiss phyto stem cell technologies – PhytoCellTec™ MalusDomestica (apple stem cell) and PhytoCellTec™ Solar Vitis (grape stem

cell), and is further enriched with nutrient-rich Acai berry and blueberry. It nourishes your skin from the inner level to give you a significant and effective result.

DOUBLE stemcell also rejuvenates and activates body cells to raise energy and improve vitality. It is a safe, natural and convenient product for both women and men.

The Advantages of PhytoCellTec™ Technology
This innovative technology developed by

Mibelle Biochemistry includes the following advantages:

Able to cultivate rare and endangered plant stem cells while honouring the Mother Nature

The supply of ingredients are not affected by the seasons and market demand

Ingredients are free of pollutions and chemicals
A constant concentration of metabolite substances in stem cell

The ingredients of Double Stemcell
PhytoCellTec™ MalusDomestica (apple stem cell)

Uttwiler Spatlauber Swiss apple is a rare 18th-century species of apple tree which is capable of self-healing and has greater sustainability. It was discovered by

Mibelle Biochemistry research team, and later the scientists of Mibelle Biochemistry have successfully developed the stem cell of Uttwiler Spatlauber Swiss apple.

Unlike other species, Uttwiler Spatlauber Swiss apple’s stem cell has greater vitality. Research studies have shown that, a 0.1% concentration of PhytoCellTec™ could

activate and regenerate 80% stem cells in human body. Besides, the epigenetic factors and metabolite substances found in PhytoCellTec™ MalusDomestica Apple Stem Cell

have made a contribution to longer cell lifespan and greater stem cell protection. This magnificent result of apple stem cell has pushed the anti-ageing therapy to a

new level. The unique effectiveness in anti-ageing and activating cell regeneration has made the product popular among celebrities, for example, the First Lady of the

United State, Michelle Obama, Helen Mirren and Jennifer Lopez.
PhytoCellTecT™ Solar Vitis (grape stem cell)

PhytoCellTec™ Solar Vitis Grape Stem Cell
PhytoCellTec™ Solar Vitis Grape Stem Cell is

developed from the rare Gamay Teinturier Fréaux grape as the bioactive ingredient. The rare Gamay Teinturier Fréaux grape is originated from Burgundy region of France,

which contains extremely high level of anthocyanin, therefore both the flesh and juice is red. It is rich in antioxidants which help to protect skin from free radicals

generated by UV radiation. Therefore, PhytoCellTec™ Solar Vitis Grape Stem Cell protects epithelial stem cells in the skin against ageing as human grows older as well

as due to UV radiation. It extends cellular vitality to keep your skin young and always radiant.

Acai berry
Acai berry is the renowned superfruit for beauty care originated from the

Amazon rainforest. It is rich in anthocyanin and flavonoid, therefore has more powerful anti-oxidation effect than other berries. Acai berry’s antioxidant content is 5

times more than gingko, and 33 times more than red wine. Besides antioxidant, Acai berry is also rich in omega fatty acid, amino acids, protein, minerals as well as

vitamin A, B1 and E.

Blueberry refers to indigo-colored berries. It is originated from and mainly

cultivated in America, therefore is also known as American blueberry. The health effects of blueberry fruit VMA (anthocyanin) are reducing eye fatigue and improving

night vision. Besides, blueberry has high level of pectin content which helps to decrease cholesterol level, prevent atherosclerosis and improve the health of

cardiovascular system. The vitamin C content in blueberry enhances cardiac functions; prevents cancer, cardiac diseases, degenerative cranial nerve disease; develops

mind power as well as improves flu, cold, sore throat and diarrhea.

Product features
Utilizes exclusively two different types of plant stem cells – apple

stem cell and grape stem cell
Unique formula – ensures the product delivers maximum effect
Originally imported from Swiss – apple stem cell and grape stem cell
High bioactivity – the advanced PhytoCellTec™ extraction
Innovation Award 2008 European Invention

Product efficacy
Delays ageing process
Enhances health and vitality
Repairs and rejuvenates cell
Maintains acid-base balance within body
Boosts immune system

Can Double Stemcell™ be used on Children?
Yes, can be used on children, under adult

supervision. This product is safe and Non-Toxic.

Is it safe to consume Double Stemcell™?
Double Stemcell™ has registered with Health

Ministry Malaysia(KKM) and it has went through Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) and SGS Singapore General Laboratory Testing Standard.

This product is confirmed safe and 100% plant base.
The product is effective but a lot of consumers wish to take consistently and FOC?

For those consumers keen to consume Double Stemcell™, they can actually sign up as member to enjoy member price and with the marketing proposal provided, they can even

earn for free redeem and get some extra income.
Can Double Stemcell™ healing any of chronic illness as what the consumer had claim in their testimonial?

According to the professional advice from a group of doctors, Double Stemcell™ is actually when we consume and pour under the tongue, stem cell will go thru our nerves

travel to the brain and provide a signal where they need to repair and regeneration the cells surround the wound and the illness part, regulate pH level inside the

body, when after the body immunity system improved slowly the illness will get healing.
The product is effective but a lot of consumers wish to take consistently and FOC?

For those consumers keen to consume Double Stemcell™, they can actually sign up as member to enjoy member price and with the marketing proposal provided, they can even

earn for free redeem and get some extra income.
What dosage should I take to obtain the best results?

While as each person may be different of their own absorption ability so results may be accordingly, through our trials with our customers , we have developed the

products that can be taken both on a daily basis 2 sachets day and night or the high strength that should be cycled over shorter periods when a stronger effect is

required. Double stemcell™ should always be taken before breakfast and before bed at night.
Does Double stemcell™ have any side effects?

Our products, taken at their recommended dosage are very well tolerated. However, one may experience a slight sense of increased metabolic body heat (thermogenesis)

after taking Double stemcell™ and it is recommended to increase water intake. In my experience each individual reacts slightly differently, so the product dosage that

works for you may be different for another. High dosages may give more dramatic effects within a shorter time frame of about 1-2 days, while lower dosages may take 1

week or more to notice the effect.

Can Double stemcell™ be taken by aged and diseased people?
Yes, we have observed that it

is quite common that aged and diseased people in Developed Countries prepare stemcell when they require energy in times of convalescence. Scientific research on aged

and diseased consuming Double stemcell™ is now being conducted and the results have been encouraging, such as enhanced antibody and energy. Double stemcell™ is also

suitable in menopausal women as it helps maintain progesterone production from the ovaries and adrenal glands. The ability of Double stemcell™ to enhance stamina in

both men and women is always within physiological normal limits and thus it is increasingly being seen as a safe and natural performance supplement for sportspeople.

The latest information is that sports scientists have found Double stemcell™ a benefit in their athletes as the increase in stamina is within natural limits and

therefore completely legal in competition.

Who needs Double stemcell™?
People who are health conscious,weak and diseased, love their

family,who wish to enjoy their life perfectly and always busy with a lot of engagements, they are the group of people which need to consume Double stemcell


Can Double stemcell™ be taken by diabetes patient?

According to number of panel doctors who also playing apart as our member in network, Double stemcell™ is not a drug, it can’t replace the medicine given by your

doctor who you consult now. But we have number of diabetes consumers who after consumed Double stemcell their blood sugar level reducing, some even claimed drop to

normal. They said this may cause of the possibility the antioxidants of the product.

Which is the best method of consume Double stemcell™ for more effectiveness?

Nevertheless Double stemcell ™can be mixed up with any drink or even pure water, but the best method is pour under our tongue, that is because below tongue there are a

lot of nerves that can easily absorb due to the molecules is small.

What is the difference between embryonic stem cells and adult?
Embryonic stem cells are

pluripotent cells derived from the inner cell mass of an early stage embryo. They have the potential to develop into any type of cell in the body.
Adult stem cells are responsible for supplying cells need replacement in adults. They have been identified in more than 20 organs and tissues.
Compared to embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells can generate cells of the organ in which it is found. Therefore, they are referred to as multipotent.

What is the characteristic of Double Stemcell that makes it so unique?
The technology used in Double stemcell product and the ingredients that works in synergy with the cells in

the human body. It repairs, and prolong the life of the human stemcell, which helps the body to repair naturally.

I have seen some articles that stemcells of a plant and animal are very similar but I also seen articles that there is no such thing as stemcell in

a bottle.

How is the effect of stem cells tested and what tests are conducted?
Effects PhytoCellTec

™ active ingredients have been tested on cultures of human epidermal stem cells. The tests showed that the active ingredients
can maintain the efficiency koloni-

forming stem cells’ longer even cells were stressed by exposure to UV light. Tests on the 3D model showed that epidermal stem cells can form the old skin even when

full epidermis ™ Malus Domestica PhytoCellTec used. In other words, stem cells treated with age PhytoCellTec ™ Malus Domestica stem cell displays such as youth

activities. The positive effects have also been confirmed in tests on test subjects.

Our Blood The River of Life

Our blood carries an important function of transporting oxygen and nutrients throughout our entire body. How do we ensure the longevity of our blood? The answer is Snowphyll™Forte which consists of Snow Algae Chlorophyll & Mulberry Leaf Extract formulated by Mibelle BioChemistry Switzerland to help repair, rebuild and replenish our blood.

Healthy Ingredients

Snow Algae
Snow Algae
Mulberry Leaf Extract
Mulberry Leaf Extract
Wheat grass

Benefits of wheatgrass:

Some studies have shown that wheatgrass acts as an antioxidant because of it contains vitamins A, C, and E. Antioxidants reverse the effects of free radicals. These volatile compounds in the body have links to aging and other health issues, including cancer. Antioxidants help fight chronic inflammation, which occurs when the immune system reacts to particular health issues, such as arthritis, stomach problems, skin issues. Antioxidants might even help with mental health concerns, such as depression.

Life Changing Benefits


Rebuilds Haemoglobin & Red Blood Cells

Blood is the river of life & energy. Snow Algae Chlorophyll resembles the blood structure and can help rebuild and replenish the blood in our body. It is rich in magnesium that gives an alkalizing cleansing effect to the body. Boost your body with energy and reduce fatigue.

Energy and vitality for healthy lifestyle!

Detoxify your Body

Flush out the toxins in your body that causes chronic illnesses. Snow Algae reduces the binding of carcinogens from cooked red meat that damages the DNA and other organs especially the liver. Cleanse your body to function better.

Cleansing from within for the healthy you!


Managing Blood Sugar & Weight Loss

The combination of Snow Algae and Mulberry Leaf is known for its caloric restriction and reducing blood sugar spikes. It will suppress your craving for food and prevents fat from depositing in your body.

Goodbye diabetes and heart disease!

Aid in Gastrointestinal Problems

Most major diseases start in the colon. Snow Algae contains chlorophylls that are known for loosening and cleansing the colon improving digestion & assimilation. Prevent and treat gastrointestinal problems that causes chronic illnesses.

Live healthy, live easy!


Bad Breath Away

Oral bacteria that resides in a person’s mouth causes bad breath. Snowphyll™Forte acts as a deodorizer that eliminates bad odor & reduces stringent smell of urine, infected wounds and feces. No more stink but smelling fresh throughout the day.

Smelling fresh always!